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Easter Rising: A Memoir of Roots and Rebellion

Easter Rising: An Irish American Coming Up from Unde - Michael Patrick MacDonald 2.5ish stars. i really liked the last quarter of this book. this, as well as his work in southie and what really brought him back there, was what i was expecting to read about. so i was kind of disappointed to read more about his childhood, although it was nice that he filled in some of the gaps from his first memoir (all souls). still, while this wasn't quite what i wanted it to be, it was an interesting read. i don't know much at all about the music or the movements that came out of the music that he talked about, so it was kind of interesting to read about it. i do wish he said had focused less on that and more on his later experiences. i think what bothers me the most, i'm realizing as i'm writing this, is that he sidesteps most of the depth and the emotional part of the journey that we know he was on. in a memoir like this, i'd like that shared, but maybe that's not fair.