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Wide Sargasso Sea: Student Edition (Penguin Modern Classics)

Wide Sargasso Sea (Penguin Modern Classics) - Jean Rhys, Angela Smith, Francis Wyndham under 2 stars, really. unfortunately. i totally love the idea for this book, but just don't appreciate its execution. (also, it's not all that true to jane eyre, which is fine if this is a stand alone book, but it's not.) i liked this a lot better the first time i read it, but this time found myself pretty annoyed with the writing. it seemed forced in her style, and it made it confusing to read from a plot perspective. grammatically, she seemed to be entirely opposed to using semicolons, and so instead had all of these run-on sentences broken up with commas in a way that made it hard to follow.basically, i so want to like this but really didn't. i can't give it 1 star, though, because the idea is so good and because there are moments when it all works. those moments are just too infrequent for me to have really enjoyed this book this time around.