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Angels & Demons  - Dan Brown 2.5 stars. for some reason, i expected to really dislike this book. so that could certainly have shaped my reading of it, but i found it pretty enjoyable. definitely over the top ridiculous at points, but it wasn't nearly as poorly written as i thought it would be, and mostly the story was pretty interesting. he's not a stellar writer or anything, but it was fine, and following the trail through the vatican and the archives and history was fun. and actually, the story - focusing on the history and the clues/symbology and the information and the ambigrams - was really intriguing and well done. the "who-dun-it" part not so much, because it was so far fetched. i found a few mistakes on my own (saying "islamic" when he meant "arabic" and saying that ionic and doric columns aren't both greek), which makes me think there were many more, but that's mostly ok, although they really shouldn't be so obvious. what's less ok is how he tried to continue to increase the tension and climax of the story way beyond plausibility, and way beyond what was necessary. i would have been ok even with the camerlengo and langdon in the helicopter, finding a place to explode the antimatter or parachuting to safety together, but pretty much everything that happened once the camerlengo turned to langdon and told him he was on his own and jumped without him was completely over the top for me. it was already testing the reader's suspension of belief, but that was too far for me. i do really like discussions about religion and science and except for the way it ended, i feel like this at first seemed very pro-science, but really had high points for both. definitely had more fun with this one than i expected to.