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Plum Island

Plum Island - Nelson DeMille well, this was better than what i've come to expect from demille of late, but that's not saying all that much. his story here was more interesting than the last couple that i've read, and kept me more involved. i was actually not entirely pissed off while reading this one.i just really wish that he didn't find sexism and racism so entertaining. this wasn't as bad as up country (and if you're interested in a tizzy of a discussion read my review and the comments about that one) but there was still a good amount of it. and before you feel the need to send me a scathing comment about how i'm too sensitive, i really want to say that just because the main character calls himself a sexist, that doesn't make it ok (or funny) that he's sexist. you don't get a free pass for being sexist just because you say you know you do/say sexist things sometimes. which in this book, again, is less than in up country so i found this an easier read. i could really, really do without all the masculine posturing that went on, though. there was a lot more of that than the overt sexism in this book, and it was just too much. there's just no need for it in these stories, it doesn't advance the plot or the character at all. and it's infuriating.