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The Cardinal of the Kremlin

The Cardinal of the Kremlin - Tom Clancy most of this book i was wanting to give it 1 star, but the ending kept me far more interested/entertained than the rest of the book, so i was planning on giving it 2 stars. but then i just couldn't, it's just not good enough. i guess i'm just not that into spy novels, but also i was really disappointed in the quality of the writing. if the story had grabbed me, i might not have noticed nearly as much, but because i really didn't care about the story until pretty close to the end, i found the poor writing annoying.my favorite examples:"What had been a single dot of light blossomed like an exploding star in a science-fiction movie. But this wasn't science fiction."and then 160 pages later:"The sounds came back slowly, and seemed distant, like the noises of a dream. But this was no dream."