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John Steinbeck


Candide - Voltaire this was a pretty fun, quick read that reminded me quite a bit of twain's the adventures of huckleberry finn. probably because i've just recently read that, but this seemed an adult version with more thoughts on philosophy, and an attack on the optimistic way of thinking.i quit my job, but i can't get away from the issues. even in 1759, voltaire got it right:"I was soon supplanted by a rival, driven away without any compensation and forced to continue that abominable trade which seems so pleasant to you men, but which is nothing but an abyss of misery for us....Oh, sir, if you could only imagine what it's like to be forced to caress without discrimination an old merchant, a lawyer, a monk, a gondolier or a priest, to be exposed to every kind of insult and abuse, to be often reduced to borrowing a skirt for some disgusting man to lift up, to be robbed by one man of what you've earned with another, to be blackmailed by magistrates, and to have nothing to look forward to except an atrocious old age, the workhouse and the garbage dump, you'd conclude that I'm one of the most wretched creatures in the world!"