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A Map of the World

A Map of the World - Jane Hamilton this book started out so intense, it was almost brutal to read. i felt like it got a bit less heavy as it went along (ironic considering the subject matter - sexual abuse of a 6 year old) but remained pretty intense. i was always wanting to read on and keep turning the pages, but needing to put the book down and sort of shake it off every so often. well done.i'm not sure this will resonate out of context, but these short few sentences exemplifies, for me, the intensity and just how brutal and honest the first third of this book was:"In church I would try my best to cry enough to make an impression, but not so much that I couldn't stop. Because the service was not much more than a show, like a wedding, a clean and public accounting of the horror and mess that had gone before. [P] I took a deep breath and licked my lips as I rounded the bend into the vestibule. The casket was before us, the white casket with gold trim around the edges, as if it had come with a little girl's vanity and canopy bed set."