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Tinkers - Paul Harding this probably deserves 4 stars just for the writing. it's really beautifully written. the story, for me, is also lovely, but i wish some of the many holes were filled in. this is a book that, to me, you read not for the story but for the writing. and it's worth it."What was the marsh like, waiting for the storm before you came and kneeled in the water? It was like nothing. Watch after you leave the water, now cold and regretful, miles from home, certain of the belt on your backside, the cold shoulder, the extra chores; watch. Watch the water heal itself of your presence - not to repair injury but to offer itself again should you care to risk another strapping, because instead of the sky being dark and the trees and stones bright, the next time the sky will be bright but the world gloomy. Or there will be rain with no wind. Or wind and sun. Or a starry sky laced with clouds that look like cotton thread. You could not do better if you passed a thousand acts of Congress."