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Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity

Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity - Robert Jensen he is spot on. his analysis is just great, and he approaches it with a personal honesty that is really refreshing. and that i think probably is a good way to bring in people that might not be so on board with his arguments. this is really worth a read. there were about 2 pages where he may have crossed the line - he certainly toed it, if nothing else - of making a moral argument against casual sex, which i wish he hadn't, or at least had done differently. other than that, such an important read, whether or not you're already against pornography and patriarchy."In a society in which so many men are watching so much pornography, this is why we can't bear to see it for what it is: Pornography forces women to face up to how men see them. And pornography forces men to face up to what we have become.""The predictable result of this state of affairs is a world in which violence, sexualized violence, sexual violence, and violence-by-sex is so common that it must be considered to be normal - that is, an expression of the sexual norms of the culture, not violations of the norms.""We can all see how men hate women and children by a simple observation: No society would let happen what happens to women and children in this culture if at some level it did not have contempt for them. We allow women and children to be raped at a rate that can lead to no other conclusion except that we place a lesser value on their lives."