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The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay - Michael Chabon this is a very interesting, very strange book. it's actually quite brilliant, but if i'm being honest, i'm not, and i found some of it tedious. i would waffle between really engaged and not paying much attention at all.it's a book of fiction, but it takes place in an historical time and with real people. this isn't historical fiction, so i found it kind of fun to look up things to find out which were real and which were made up. (one of the things he write about is the comic book industry, which i know nothing about.)this is a big book, addressing a lot of big topics. mostly he does that really well, and in a way that i think is pretty unique (it's a story like nothing i've read before), but i just didn't love it.'"People notice only what you tell them to notice," he said. "And then only if you remind them."'