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The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty (Sleeping Beauty Trilogy)

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty - Anne Rice, A.N. Roquelaure

ok. this book was awful. seriously. i'm giving it 1 star but it definitely deserves 0. just to be clear, people, i have nothing against sex and erotica. i'm not a prude and really don't care who you have sex with, what kind of sex you have, whether or not you're into s&m, etc, as long as it's consensual. the (over)abundance of sex in this book is entirely not consensual, except for one instance. that is my main problem with this book; not a page goes by (literally, it's overwhelming) without a rape taking place, without someone being somehow degraded or beaten while either being raped themselves or raping someone else, without spanking and paddling and rape rape rape rape rape. i have a serious problem with being told that we should be aroused by the rape of other people. really, do what you want in your bedroom, with whoever you want, with whatever toys you want to use, but it needs to be consensual. oh, which also means that none of the parties can be 15 years old, but have to be able to actually legally give consent as well. it's not just that it's not arousing if it isn't consensual, but it's seriously offensive.also, this book is so poorly written. astoundingly badly written. but that's so secondary to the rape and degradation on every single page of this book. and also just to be clear, it's men being raped just as often as women, and the offenders are equally men and women. this is not an issue of sexism or gender bias, this is purely an issue of rape and sexual violence intending to be arousing.this is the first of 3 books in a series and though i finish every book i start (and i did manage to finish this one, hoping she had a better point to make) i will not be reading the other 2 in this series. it's not good for my mental health.this is easily one of the worst books i've ever read.