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High Tide in Tucson: Essays from Now or Never

High Tide in Tucson: Essays from Now or Never - Barbara Kingsolver barbara kingsolver is one of those (few, for me) authors whom i read and think to myself, i'd really like to sit on the porch with a glass of wine some evening or a cup of tea some morning, and just talk with her. she is so fascinated by so many different things, and i love finding people like that. reading her writing, then, for me, is always an experience that makes me want to live more, to think more, to know more. i can't ask for more than that from a book. and she delivers every time."'If you never stepped on anybody's toes, you never been for a walk.'" (a quote from her grandfather)and a quote among many that speaks to me as marcy and i step closer to our adoption: "...life with children always bursts to fullness in the narrowest passages..."