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Scum Manifesto

Scum Manifesto - Valerie Solanas i wanted to give this piece 2 stars because you can pull some good ideas and concepts out of her ranting, but i couldn't equate it with the other books that i've give 2 stars on this list. and i'm not cool with something so motivated by hatred, so i can live with the 1 star rating for this one. (was she for real, or could this have been a swiftian satire?)i refuse to accept or believe that all men are inherently bad, especially as bad as solaras portrays them, and that there's no chance of redemption. i understand her point, but i just don't believe that is true. maybe she'd say that i'm not a radical enough feminist (i think she'd use much cruder and offensive language to call me out) and maybe she'd be right, but i won't believe that the base humanity that can exist in people has been completely lost from the male gender. and i also won't accept her call to violence; i do not believe that is a constructive analysis of our society. i'm not a fan of such vitriol, whose only conclusion is gen(der)ocide.that said:"There's no reason why a society consisting of rational beings capable of empathizing with each other, complete and having no natural reason to compete, should have a government, laws, or leaders.""No genuine social revolution can be accomplished by the male, as the male on top wants the status quo, and all the male on the bottom wants is to be the male on top. The male 'rebel' is a farce; this is the male's 'society,' made by him to satisfy his needs."