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The Bluest Eye

The Bluest Eye - Toni Morrison morrison's first book...i wonder how she'd write it now if she could do it all again. it's not perfection, buti love this book. she gives a clear look (maybe not so clear to everyone?) into racism and society's hand in perpetuating it, the effect this has on young people of color (self-hatred, redirected hate of whites and the power they wield onto women of color, intra-racism, etc), and into other issues as well, like sexual violence and what that can look like. her language is precise but beautiful. i only wish it was slightly more galvanizing, so readers would put the book down and immediately rise up to fight all the issues she puts on the table. (i remember really liking this book years ago when i first read it, but i'm ashamed to say it didn't move me to fight racism. perhaps i shouldn't fault the author/book for that at all, but merely myself.)