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Jane Eyre - Charlotte Brontë i guess i have to give this just under 4 stars. it's always hard to revisit an old favorite book that you haven't read in a while. i really enjoyed rereading this, and wasn't disappointed in general. i do think that for modern readers it's a bit slow moving, and obviously the conventions of the time (which the plot hinges on) seem a bit ridiculous today. and then there's the almost inexplicable fact that jane falls in love with mr. rochester at all ( and the truly awful and manipulative way he pretended to intend to marry miss ingram ). but there is just something really nice about this book. it's partly how, for the time, bronte's jane is more outspoken, requires more equality, and demands more respect than women of her position would have been accustomed to (although significantly less than would be expected today). it's partly the mystery, partly the drama. partly how well written it is. all these years later (from her writing of course, but also from my last reading) it's still a really enjoyable read.as an aside, this edition is simply marvelous. i bought it ages ago to adorn my shelf and felt like, reading it, i should be wearing those white gloves that are used to protect photographs or old documents. it's a beautiful edition with a few fun bonuses.one of my favorite lines in all of literature:"Superstition was with me at that moment; but it was not yet her hour for complete victory..."And of course, the famous and gratifying:"Reader, I married him.