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In the Cut (movie tie-in edition)

In the Cut - Susanna Moore this book started out amazing. i picked it up before going to bed and actually stopped reading immediately because i knew right away that i was going to really appreciate how well it was written, and i didn't want to be so tired when i started it. and the first few pages didn't disappoint at all. over all, actually, it was a really interesting read - in terms of the writing. the style was different and really well done, the language was fantastic, not in the way that the words flowed or sounded on the page, although that was good, too. she focused on language and noted the use of certain words. i love when authors do that, and she does it exceedingly well. the story was also interesting - we see a woman get involved in an increasingly dangerous situation, almost justifying the weird paranoia that she starts to slip into. we have our own suspicions about the killer and either weren't too surprised by the reveal or saw it coming. but for me the writing was best, was stellar, the first handful of pages, and the last few pages. in between she was still great, but didn't quite reach the same level as the start and the end. as far as the story, i think i'm just "sexed out" from the last few books i've read, but the number of detailed sex scenes in a book this short seemed more than what was necessary to me.