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A Room With A View

A Room with a View - E.M. Forster 3.5 stars. what a fun read. i really enjoyed this, although the last 15 pages or so were a bit less so than the rest of the book. i know i'm totally sleep deprived, but i don't think that's why i laughed out loud a number of times while reading this (and i rarely do that). an easy, funny story about a young woman finding her agency - what's not to like?"Of course, it must be a wonderful building. But how like a barn! And how very cold! Of course, it contained frescoes by Giotto, in the presence of whose tactile values she was capable of feeling what was proper. But who was to tell her which they were? She walked about disdainfully, unwilling to be enthusiastic over monuments of uncertain authorship or date. There was no one even to tell her which, of all the sepulchral slabs that paved the nave and transepts, was the one that was really beautiful, the one that had been most praised by Mr. Ruskin.""This solitude oppressed her; she was accustomed to have her thoughts confirmed by others or, at all events, contradicted; it was too dreadful not to know whether she was thinking right or wrong.""Paganism is infectious - more infectious than diphtheria or piety..."