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Glue - Irvine Welsh i'm not really sure that i've ever actually gotten through a book in a different language before. but i'm counting this one, even though, technically, i guess he wrote in english. really, though, this is nearly 470 pages of scottish dialect, and it took some serious getting used to.but once i did, it really wasn't so bad, so i guess my excuse for taking so long in reading this book wasn't just how hard it was to cut through the language, but also the story and the characters. i suppose it's a tale of growing up and hardship and boy bonding, and for that it was alright, but i just didn't like it. and i don't think it was because so much of the book was focused on dehumanizing the girls into sex objects, but i certainly didn't like that aspect of it much.an example of scottish dialect for you all to muddle through:"Or mibbe eh wisnae, ah dinnae ken! Ah didnae ken!" (translation: "Or maybe he wasn't, I don't know! I didn't know!") i've become fluent.