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The Sun Also Rises

The Sun Also Rises - Ernest Hemingway i should start by acknowledging a bias - i tried to read this with an open mind and i think i succeeded, but i really and truly detest hemingway. i believe that he is an absolute misogynist (and not in the way that adds something to the story, or for a reason, but in a way i cannot abide) and am not a fan of his simplistic writing in the least. so, that said, this is by far the best hemingway i've read, but i didn't really like it. his view of women is better than in other books, but still not good. i didn't find his story compelling (and in some places it was offensive, but that could have been intentional, it's hard to say) and i never found his writing even a little interesting. but still, so much better than his others that i've read that i had to give it more than 1 star.