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Century's Son

Century's Son - Robert Boswell i loved everything about this book. it's wonderfully written and the story touches on so many important and interesting ideas (ethics, death, life after death, family/parenting, love, loyalty, child rape, what it means to live, living by aphorisms). i wish i could write more concretely about this book; there was so much both tangible and intangible that i loved about it but i can't seem to make it cohesive enough to write about. i'll just say: this was a great read; i'm looking forward to exploring more of boswell's books. here's something else i'll say - from the moment i started reading, i knew that i'd love the book, just because of how it was written. even with that, the book kept surpassing expectations, both because of the writing, and also because of the story and the messages he was sending with his characters and their lives.not a quote that conveys much about the story or it's scope, but that struck me just the same:"Not heroism, exactly; being in the right place at the right time -- a more important gift to have than heroism, which was only rarely called for. Being in the right place at the right time was in constant demand."