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Shutterbabe: Adventures in Love and War

Shutterbabe: Adventures in Love and War - Deborah Copaken Kogan as a feminist, jewish, photojournalist who is on the path to motherhood, this memoir resonated with me on many levels. (it is written by a feminist, jewish photojournalist who becomes a mother by the end. i think my star rating might be slightly biased for that reason. maybe objectively it should be a 3.)this gave me a lot to think about, from why i photograph and what i photograph, to how to break into this industry (or not) and what sacrifices that would mean. what was really interesting was to see how it all worked years ago, how the photojournalist shooting in romania would get her film back to her paris office for next day publication, while staying in romania and continuing to shoot. (rushing between the action and the airport, finding someone flying to paris who will take her package of film and be met by her editor right outside customs, who rushes to develop the film and match the images with the captions she sent, that were written long after she shot the images.) i don't think i ever flirted with the idea of being a war photographer (except when looking at james nachtwey's images) but this confirmed for me that for personal and photographic reasons, i will never chase those stories.my very first photo editor was surprised when he found that i could write intelligible captions, as apparently many photographers don't have the ability to write well. so it's worth it to point out that this book is well written and engaging from perspectives other than someone interested in photography."[I:]t's not easy being a one-girl revolution. Not that it got any easier once I became a woman.""Few things fascinate the French as much as stories about other countries' racism. I suppose it makes them feel better about their own." (something i felt was important for me to remember, as racism - usually other people's - is my main topic of conversation.)