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The Cleft

The Cleft - Doris May Lessing i was really disappointed in this book. i had high expectations based on the idea of the story, but i wish i wish i wish ... a lot of things. i wish the story was better. i wish she hadn't fallen back on gender stereotyping and gender roles. i wish i liked her style better. i wish someone like marge piercy had written this story instead..."I have always found it entertaining that females are worshipped as goddesses, while in ordinary life they are kept secondary and thought inferior.""I often think ... that each individual present has been born to a female, and if ever thre was a common fate or destiny, then this must be it. The women standing here ... were all mothers, and every male there had been dandled, fussed over, fed, cleaned, slapped, kissed, taught by a female ... and this is such a heavy and persuasive history that I am amazed we don't remember it more often."...weeks later, i just wanted to add that this book has come up in conversation a number of times, so that says something positive about it. i do like what she says about how history is written/remembered by those that shape it and have the power to do so.