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Women's Room (Virago Modern Classics)

The Women's Room - Marilyn French too much to discuss here, too much to think about. a feminist manifesto of sorts, with a not so feminist discussion of rape toward the end that only partially redeems itself... 2 quotes from the passage that challenges me the most (and which might not make sense out of context) : "I've dropped out of that world. I belong to all women's groups now. I shop at a feminist market, bank in a women's bank. I've joined a militant feminist organization, and in the future I will work only in that. Fuck the dissertation, the degree, Harvard. They're all part of the male world. you can't compromise with it. It eats you alive, rapes you body and soul...." "I don't look for pleasure any more in life. It's a luxury I can't afford. For forty-odd years I've been a member of an oppressed people consorting with the enemy, advancing the enemy's cause. In some places that's called slavery. I'm through with it."